About Me and my Key Topics

My name is Lukas Knopf and I am in my mid-thirties living in Germany. As graduated industrial engineer, I have wide interests in different research fields like aviation, bionic and the impact of technologies measured by and discussed within behavioural science, business administration or macroeconomics.

Since my childhood, I am inspired by the magic of natural sciences (particularly physics) and I fell in love with aviation, especially extraordinary aircraft configurations. During my studies I specialized in aerospace engineering, drew up own blended wing body designs and made my private pilot licence (PPL-A / JAR-FCL). In addition to my affinity for technical and scientific issues, I discovered my passion for innovation management, mainly technology scouting and forecasting as well as converting ideas and inventions into new products and services.
I am glad to live in a period of industrial and technological prosperity, seeing so many emerging technologies, which have the potential for effecting change in our society and shaping a new future. To get more familiar with the way how innovations happen, I decided to focus my business-administration studies on how to set up a company combining high-level innovativeness, profitability and market-orientation. Therefore, I chose to concentrate on both Marketing (e.g. International Marketing, E-Commerce) as well as Organization and Leadership (e.g. Knowledge-Management, Strategy, Alliances, Innovation-Teams).

In the context of my PhD concerning Innovation Management, I focus on the organisational framework to initiate and accompany single projects or complete organisational change processes to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. In my opinion, the most important game-changing technologies for the next years are advanced machine learning (AI, Analytics and Smart Data) and additive manufacturing (3D printing).
But we also have to pay attention to the progress of enabling circumstances - keeping up essential resource flows: billions of partially connected sensors and 5G (information), blockchain (money), autonomous systems like commercial drones or truck platooning (physical transportation of goods and people), decentralized and demand-driven power generation, energy storage and smart grids (energy), well-educated and self-determined employees (ideas and workforce) and keeping up a liveable environment, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture and peaceful coexistence of different ideologies (living conditions).

Education, Jobs
& Experiences

Apr 2016 - now Innovation & Business Development GE-T GmbH, Ingolstadt, Germany
Apr. 2013 - Jul 2018 PhD Research: Innovations & Digital Transformation Chair of Organization and Leadership, TU Braunschweig, Germany
Sep 2012 - Mrz 2013 Project Management (Product Development) ES-Tec GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany
Apr 2012 - Jul 2012 Business Development Sunfire GmbH, Dresden, Germany
Apr 2009 - Nov 2011 Student Assistant Institute of Management, TU Braunschweig, Germany
Sep 2008 - Mrz 2009 Assistant for Regional Parliament Deputy Braunschweig, Germany
before Process Optimization ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, Duisburg, Germany

My Specialities

"Truffle Pig"

Discovering information, combining data and identifying unexpected solutions.

Analytical & Critical Thinking

Categorising data, focusing on relevant information and deducing consequences.

Learn and Share

Building up not only my own skills but helping others to find helping training formats.

Skills & Abilities

Business Model Development
Technology Trend Scouting
Strategic Technology Management
Project Management

Self-conceived Courses and Presentations

Project Portfolio Management(1)
Master Workshop, Jan/Feb 2019 & 2018 & 2017

Team Management & Organisation
Master Exercises, Oct-Feb 2013-2017

Alliance- & Knowledge Management
Master Exercises, Apr-Jul 2014-2016

Power in Organisations(2)
Master-Seminar, Apr-Jul 2016

Decision Making
Master-Seminar, Okt'14-Feb'15

Leading Innovative Teams
Master-Seminar, Apr-Jul 2014

Organisational Behaviour(2)
Master-Seminar, Okt'13-Feb'14

Business Simulation
Master Exercises, Apr-Sep 2013

1) in cooperation with Dr. Daniel Jonas
    and Dr. Jan Sternkopf, Campana & Schott
2) in cooperation with Dr. Jelena K. Becker

Applied Methods

Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix
Design Thinking

"Language" Skills

German (native)
English (C1)

Visited Workshops & Presentations (selected)

Post-Quantum Security
Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath & Asst. Prof. Dr. Florian Neukart, 05/02/2019

The Digitalisation of Traffic Systems
Prof. Dr. Thomas Form & Prof. Dr. Frank Köster, 29/01/2019

Futures in Motion 2035
Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla, 05/12/2018

Game Engines - use for security-related automated driving simulations
Kian Saemian, 05/12/2018

Contribution of Aviation to the Future of Mobility
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Herrmann, 28/05/2018

Cyberattacks in the context of Industrial Espionage
Harald Bunte, 09/05/2018

The Digital Aircraft - Next Generation Simulation for Future Aircraft Design
Prof. Dr. Cord-Christian Rossow, 26/04/2018

Potentials of Digitalization in Aviation
Sven Taubert, 23/04/2018

The Power within Leadership
Rainer Hank & Mathias Siemann, 17/04/2018

The Transformation of the Automotive Industry
Dr. Karsten Kieckhäfer, 04/04/2018

Agile Project Managements Methods - SCRUM
Stephan Brunnet, 25/01/2018

Weather-depending Electricity Generation in Germany
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Werner Sinn, 15/11/2017

The Digitalization of Mobility
Prof. Dr. Karsten Lemmer & Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, 02/05/2017

Contract-based Coordination of Distributed Product Development Processes
Dr. Kerstin Schmidt, 06/06/2016

Pushing Innovations - New Things and its Enemies
Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, 09/12/2015

Negotiation Management
Foad Forghani, 05-06/11/2015

Innovations - Gen Y and New Workplaces
Dr. Stefanie Burghardt, 14/10/2015

Making Future - Insights of Brain Research Prof. Dr. Martin Korte, 16/09/2015

Global Social Business Summit
Muhammad Yunus, 04/11/2010

Computer Skills

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook
MS Project
MS Excel Macro (VBA)
Android Studio (SDK)
CATIA / SolidEdge

Hobbies & Interests

  • my PhD
  • flying
  • my family
  • sailing
  • basketball
  • z!

Years of experience: satisfied customers, pleased employers, happy team colleagues and supervised students!

Look at their opinions!
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"Short and concise statement."

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"A short opinion..."

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Title, Name Position, Company/Organisation (with link),
Practice Partners

My practice partners during the last years.

Energy, Automotive, Aviation and Consulting!

Projects & Partners

As usual in professional cooperation focusing on new technologies, innovations and business cases most of my partners do not want their projects or even the existence of a special collaboration to be published. Therefore, I am unfortunately not able to list all interesting partners or projects in this section. However, according to the dominance of a few megatrends the challenges across all technology-orientated branches seemed to be similar. What I can tell - without disclosing confidential information - is that according to my specialisations most of these projects were aimed on early stages of innovation management and product development. To be more specific: Together with my teammates I worked on approaches for an internal promotion of ideas and inventions to avoid organisational innovation barriers. To convince influencer and decision-makers we had to ensure the development and integration of adequate business models. The implementation of boundary-spanning open innovation teams and the collection and aggregation of customer insights should support the market diffusion of inventions. Often there is the need to restructure the product-range and related processes simultaneously.
Today, businesses are confronted with the need to a comprehensive transformation into a digitalized and connected value-chain (mainly B2B) to provide competitive services and smart products (primary B2C). Not only the knowledge and creativity to work out ideas and promising projects, but also the ability to roadmap this conversion, deducing special issues and implementing appropriate mechanisms are core competencies of technology-orientated corporations.
In conclusion, the major topics I worked on were about these four major issues:

1. Technology: Idea-generation and Invention
2. Market: Value Creation, Business Models and Profitability
3. People: Employees, Customers and Social Impact
4. Learning: Individual, Organisational and Machine Learning

I am convinced that this combination of issues provides a great approach to analyse and explain key topics of modern corporations. So I select these as my starting point for further comments in my ➢ Portfolio .

Selected Practice Partners

Volkswagen AG
Lufthansa Technik AG
Campana & Schott
Siemens AG
Forghani Negotiations
SoftwareInMotion GmbH
Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.
Simtec Systems GmbH

- Automotive
- Aviation
- Consulting
- Supplier/Mobility
- Software


Read and comment my portfolio

The-4: Technology, Market, People and Learning!

For me as an industrial engineer the obvious nucleus of an innovation is the idea. So I began working on subjects like idea generation (e.g. brainstorming, TRIZ or Design Thinking). Analysing the impact of such tools it seems evident that they have to be accepted and useful, and - at best - easy to implemented and synchronised with existing processes. Those efforts are strongly linked with the engagement and ingenuity of employees. To support creativity, the willingness to change behaviour and reflect common solutions you have to encourage your staff to question your entire business. So you need well-educated, confident and resilient employees which have to be assisted by an empowering transformational leadership.
Because firms commonly have to concentrate on the most promising projects with perceived benefits , the innovating team has to demonstrate both the technological feasibility and the potential of a business case. Furthermore, to pass the different stages of innovations - from the raw idea to a successful market launch - such a development project needs promotors on all levels to protect prospering ideas against organisational resistance arising from different motivations like personal interests.

Since decades it is all about earning and investing money - keeping the balance between exploration and exploitation. As if this was not tough enough, the requirements for sustainable companies facing escalating competition have emerged: being robust but flexible, social but profitable, agile but with a clear tradition-founding identity, reliable but re-inventing themselves, inventive (up to disruptive) and of course antifragile, courageous and decisive as well as aware of unseen risks (black swans), realistic but visionary. It is all about being innovative, that’s all. Finally, today all these requirements are forewarded to and have to met by modern high-skilled employees. For this reason it is important to support your teams in compensating these challenging tasks and not to overstrain their personal resources in the long run.

The purpose of this section is to share knowledge. If you want to contribute your findings, experiences or expert knowledge feel free to contact me! In this portfolio you will find a growing number of short articles, papers and thoughts discussing special topics innovative firms have to deal with.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Social Responsibility

I try to help and support organisations which help others!

  • - Student Residence
  • - Doctors Without Borders
  • - Other Non-Profit Organisations
Donate for Doctors Without Borders?
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